Smart Bin

Smart Bin uses sensors to sense the fill level of the bin and notifies the attendant to clear the content. It also, compresses the content in the bin using linear actuators, thus reducing the logistic cost by minimizing the volume of waste.

Features & Specification

Attendance system using RF tag for Bin attenders

Fill level detection using SONAR

Intrusion detection (safety) using PIR

Auto compression using linear actuators

Weight sensor for detecting overload

GSM based fill level notification

Smoke sensor to detect fire


The RF front end is connected to a low power Single Board Computer (SBC) which performs signal processing operations to demodulate and decode the signal to retrieve data. 

Used in theaters for compressing used water bottles and cans

Used in Malls to get automated fill notification

Used in large apartments and organization to compress waste at the source

Used by waste management agencies

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