Dancing Frame

Illusion of life

Technology enabled life imitating magical frame. A unique solution to decorative needs, which will evoke a sense of excitement & curiosity in everyone.

Features & Specification

Modes of operation

The frame can be operated in 3 different modes and switching between modes can be done by clicking the jog dial:

Mode 1: Slow Motion Mode, watch the illusion of slow moving object
Mode 2: Distortion Mode, the object movement looks distorted for a human eye
Mode 3: Study/ Read Mode, a flicker free light, with no effect and sound. Suitable for reading
Mode 4: Off

How does it work?

Well, if you want to dive into it a bit more to understand the workings behind the magic, lets detail the parts:

1. L.E.D strip
2. O-Ring
3. Microcontroller Powered Electronics
4. Electro-Magnetic Solenoid - Actuator
5. Vibrating Arm
6. Muse - Feather Wooden Frame

Out of this.., LED Strip, Electro-Magnetic Solenoid and microcontrller Powered Electronics form the core of the device. At its fundamental level, the illusion (yes., it's not really magic) is caused by strobing the light at a frequency close to 80Hz and vibrating the arm connected to the solenoid at a slightly higher or lower frequency there by creating a blended slow motion effect to the eyes via aliasing.

The wall adapter provides a 12 V DC power at 2 Amps to the microcontroller controlled L.E.D strip(1) and the Electro-Magnetic Solenoid - Actuator(4). The combination of the above two gives a spectacular slow motion movement to the Muse - Feather(6) or any light weight objects like flowers, grass blade etc.


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